Southern Line Islands DXpedition


20/03/2010 16:48

4000 visitors reached

4,000 visitors reached from the website launch (4-feb)
19/03/2010 13:03

QSL info

QSL info page  added to the website. Please check carefully for QSL policies
18/03/2010 22:23

This is primarily an IOTA operation

We have had many requests for operation on 6m moon bounce, RTTY, PSK, low band SSB, 160m etc, etc. Please be advised that since this is primarily an IOTA operation we will be concentrating on providing a contact with as many different stations as possible irrespective of band or mode. We will...
18/03/2010 22:18

Leaving soon

M/V Kwai is expected to arrive at Christmas island this afternoon local time (about 02:00 19.3.2010). Within 24 hours from that we should be heading for the first island. It will probably be either be Malden or Starbuck. This will be finally decided in liaison with the captain. It is estimated we...
17/03/2010 22:59

Update from Xmas island

Hi Maury, Arrived Christmas Island 01:00 gmt Thursday. Taking opportunity to check all equipment we have with us. T32AJ is active. The first QSO was Wednesday 07:14 gmt on 20m. M/V Kwai is already at Fanning Island and will be here Friday 01:00 gmt. We expect to leave for the Southern Line Islands...
15/03/2010 12:09

Team has arrived in KH6

The team has arrived in Honolulu. Today they meet for breakfast and plan to have lunch with Kimo, KH7U. They expect to be leaving Christmas Island on M/V Kwai on Saturday afternoon local time (Kiribati is on the other side of the dateline from KH6).
13/03/2010 18:00

Diversion of S/V Kwai

Our boat will be diverting to Fanning Island to pick up some passengers for Christmas Island. We expect a delay of 2 or 3 days. This will probably reduce the time on some islands.
09/03/2010 18:46

Nils withdrawal

It is with great regret that we have to announce that Nils, SM6CAS has had to withdraw from the dxpedition.  This is due to his wife’s health.  Aila has been ill since 12th January with a severe lung problem which has still not been diagnosed. Nils is very keen for this dxpedition to go...
07/03/2010 23:15

2,000 visitors

2,000 visitors reached
07/03/2010 10:27

Intended frequencies

Intended frequencies page added

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