Southern Line Islands DXpedition


14/04/2010 08:27

Returning to Christmas Island

Hi Maury, We left Starbuck today after 3 days. The wind was bad and sand storms got into our equipment - in particular the laptop keyboards. We made approx 8500 Q's. Hope you all enjoyed the chase. Propagation was better to EU at the end but western EU was still dfficult. 73 Derek
10/04/2010 15:44

Update on Starbuck

Hi Maury, We expect to land on Starbuck early on Sunday morning gmt (assuming it is possible to land)! We may have enough time to stay 4 days there. Everyone is fine. Steve's discomfort was over within an hour. 73 Derek
08/04/2010 08:53

Bound for Starbuck

We should arrive Starbuck your Sunday morning (our evening). If we can land before dark we could be QRV that day. We are used to putting antennas up in the dark! BTW we stay on the islands and cannot easily get back to update you during the activity days. Propagation conditions on Flint were very...
05/04/2010 11:17

We are at Vostok

We are at Vostok. The landing looks impossible. Two crew got ashore but the zodiac overturned. It's too dangerous for us. We will make for Flint island now and if that is similarly hazardous we will head north again checking Vostok a second time. Expect to reach Flint at around 18:00gmt Monday. 73...
05/04/2010 11:16

Progress to Vostok

Apologies for the absence of updates but we stayed on Caroline the whole time as trips back to Kwai were difficult. We made over 11,000 Q's from T32CI. We should arrive Vostok 02:00gmt Monday but it will be evening here so expect about a 14 hour delay before T32VI becomes QRV. On Vostok we plan to...
01/04/2010 15:00

QSL policy

Read about QSL policy here
01/04/2010 09:11

9M6DXX on ship log

Steve wrote on ship log: "What shall I write? I have been asked by our most excellent cook on this voyage to write something for the 'Kwai' website. I'm one of four radio amateurs, or 'hams', who have chartered 'Kwai' to take us to four uninhabited islands in the Line Group belonging to the...
01/04/2010 07:14

T32CI QRV soon

After searching along the lee side we have anchored off Caroline Island. Quite difficult due to the deep water up close to the reef. It is low tide and we cannot get onto the island until the tide rises. All equipment is being brought up on deck for the dash to the beach in a few hours time. We...
30/03/2010 22:25

K3 and more

Thanks to those kind folk who offered suggestions to fix the 40m problem on my K3. Have opened the unit and examined but can't do much more until we reach Caroline. Our progress is good and we should be QRV as T32CI Thursday morning gmt. We plan 3 days activity there. 73 Derek
29/03/2010 15:57

10,000 visitors

10,000 visitors reached from the website launch (4-feb)!

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