Southern Line Islands DXpedition


Date 13/02/2010
By i2ybc
Subject great news tnx

wonderful news. we hope to connect 73 i2ybc

Date 13/02/2010
By Phil G4WFZ
Subject Best wishes for a safe and hope that the propergation will be OK for UK

Good luck to you all, have a safe trip and make lots of contacts. You are going on the best trip, I wish I could be with you. Hope to contact you for 4 new ones, last few years have been poor in UK for new ones. Take care Nils best wishes to you all . Phil

Date 13/02/2010
Subject Lifetime's voyage.

My best wishes for a IOTA activator's lifetime trip!
73s de Simon, IZ7ATN.

Date 13/02/2010
By Larry K5MK
Subject Looking forward to your IOTA Expedition

I look forward to hearing you fellows on from 4 "new ones" for IOTA. Here's hoping you have smooth sailing and no problems. Thanks from all of us for your effort. 73...Larry

Date 12/02/2010
By Enno, PF5X
Subject Listening out for you ...

I live in the village of Malden, near Nijmegen. It is obvious that I will specifically like to contact you guys when you're on Malden Island ... but the other islands are cool too of course ;-)

Date 12/02/2010
By Tony, EA8AKN

Hello Nils, I cross my fingers for the success of the DXpedition!.
73 de Tony (EA8AKN)

Date 12/02/2010
By Bruce
Subject GEt on that Boat

Good Luck and Have a Safe and wonderful Trip.


Date 12/02/2010
By Todor, LZ1HA
Subject T32 -four new !

Congratulations for challenge ! Looking for new ones !
Good luck in the expedition !
Ted, LZ1HA

Date 04/02/2010
Subject good luck

can't wait to log 4 new iotas


by iz1crr @

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